Per 54g
2 level scoops
Curcumin (95% standardized) 4,000 mg
Boswellia (65% boswellic acids) 6,000 mg
Bromelain (2400 GDU) 2,700 mg
MSM 6,000 mg
Glucosamine HCI 6,000 mg
Vitamin C 2,800 mg
Fructose 17,700 mg
Dried Molasses 8,800 mg

Serving: 1 level scoop (27 grams) per 200kg body weight served 2 to 3 times per day.

Recommended Serving:
Administer by oral syringe, mixed with 1 oz water, or mixed with small amount (½-1 cup) of dampened grain or pellet ration.
For best results use 20-30 minutes before feeding.
Herbal Bute Substitute. 100% Pharmaceutical grade herbal extracts and nutraceuticals.

This product has been derived through scientific analysis of specific potent botanical extracts combined with key nutraceuticals.

Curcumin - a Golden Gift of Nature with Benefits Still Untold
Recent Study on Animals & Curuzone

Recommended for all horses with joint, ligament, muscle trauma and breathing difficulties.

Allows your animal to compete or perform at its best without a positive test to pharmaceuticals.
Formulated and modified through extensive testing on racehorses. The results are astonishing!

500 grams (1.10 lb)
1.00 kg (2.20 lb)
5.00 kg (11.00 lb)

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